Friday, September 7, 2012

Spotted Touch-Me-Not

Impatiens capensis is a common native that can grow densely in wet areas. A member of the Balsaminaceae (Touch-Me-Not Family), it is annual, and is unusual in having fruits that explode when touched (if they're fully ripe). 
The seeds get scattered quite some distance when this happens, and this is always a fun activity for young kids on an outing. It is equally fun for adults!

Impatiens capensis is also known as Jewelweed or Snapweed, but make no mistake, it is native in northern Indiana.
This attractive plant is very popular with hummingbirds and makes a colorful addition to a rain garden or any native plant area that doesn't dry out. This is also true of the closely-related Pale Touch-Me-Not, Impatiens pallida.

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