Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Denizens of Dry Country: Birdfoot Violet and Hoary Puccoon

Impressive displays of these two natives are occurring in the dunes region and the Kankakee sand country of northern Indiana. These photos were captured in and near the Ober Savanna Nature Preserve in Starke County. It's one of many excellent properties owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy.
Viola pedata, Birdfoot Violet

Lithospermum canescens, Hoary Puccoon.
This species has very soft hairs on the leaves. "Lithospermum" = stone seed.


Stuart said...

The lupines at Ober should be blooming in a week or two as well, and it looks like it will be a good year.

Keith Board said...

Thanks for commenting Stuart. I agree, the lupines at Ober can be very impressive. We are fortunate that TNC knows the value of controlled burns in managing prairie and savanna remnants.