Thursday, April 5, 2012

Buglossoides arvensis

I have been enjoying taking my new Field Manual of Michigan Flora out for a spin recently. Currently, that means spending most of my time with the Brassicaceae key and the Veronica key. I was excited to find a small, white flower that I did not recognize along an old railroad path in central Indiana. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any further that day, failing in my attempt to key to family. The next day, I brought along good old Newcomb and got right to Lithospermum arvense. I went back and started the key for Boraginaceae. I was worried that it was not taking me to Lithospermum, but then I realized that Corn Gromwell has a new name. This is an introduced flower, but I enjoyed the chase. In my experience, the pleasure in successfully making it through a dichotomous key is directly proportional to the frustration experienced when stymied.

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