Friday, April 27, 2012

Western Wallflower

Last weekend I was privileged to botanize with Scott Namestnik, one of the most observant and knowledgeable botanists ever to wield a handlens. I have never learned so many new plants (and bird songs) in one day! We found the exceedingly rare Erysimum capitatum (E. arkansanum) in dry soil in central Indiana. Due to its extreme rarity, we decided not to disclose the location.

"The more I learn, the less I think I know." Helen Keller


A.L. Gibson said...

What a gorgeous and rare mustard. I have yet to see this but plan on checking out Ohio's only location for it in Brown county sometime in the next couple weeks. It's a major life species for me!

Scott Namestnik said...

I've learned all that I know from Keith Board.

Nice quote. I often feel the same way as Ms. Keller.

Keith Board said...

Thanks Scott for yet another benevolent LIE! Very kind of you!