Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prehistoric Plants?

A coworker recently brought me two fossils that were collected by an excavator working near Dewart Lake in Kosciusko County, Indiana. 

Any paleobotanists out there that can provide suggestions as to what this is?  Above is a side view, and below is a top view.

Based on comments to a past post on Get Your Botany On!, I think this may be Sigillaria sp., but I would welcome all suggestions.

Above is a photo of the entire fossil; below is a close-up.

This is well beyond the area of my expertise, so any help is appreciated!


Prem Subrahmanyam said...

The lower fossil is definitely a Stigmaria (NOTE: I corrected my identification in the previous comment you referenced - I erroneously said Sigillaria when I meant Stigmaria).

Scott Namestnik said...

Thanks, Prem!

Keith Board said...

This is fascinating. What is the approximate diameter of the piece in the first two photos? It reminds me of the buttresses at the base of a tree.

Scott Namestnik said...

5-6 inches as I recall.

Furious Designs said...

Possibly Lepidodendron.

Scott Namestnik said...

Good suggestion, Furious. If you haven't already, take a look at Prem's comment at