Saturday, March 3, 2012

Green in Winter: Plant Quiz Solved! Blephilia hirsuta

Good call Nate! It is Blephilia hirsuta, Wood Mint. This plant is often associated with alluvial soils and slopes in mesic woodland. The leaves have a very appealing aroma when crushed.

Posted previously:
This plant was photographed on a slope above the Eel River in Miami County, Indiana in mid-February, 2012. Can you identify it? Feel free to name the plant or just take a guess!


Nick said...

looks kind of mint-y

maybe Stachys or Teucrium?

Keith said...

All good thoughts, but it is not Stachys or Teucrium.

EMP said...

Monarda fistulosa?

Keith said...

Monarda fistulosa is another very good thought, but no, it's not that either. A few clues:

1. The site is forested.
2. The crushed leaves smell VERY good!

Nate said...

Blephilia hirsuta - hairy wood mint?

Marianne, aka Ranger Anna said...
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