Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tussilago farfara

These flowers were growing in a gravel bar along Rock Creek in Tennessee. The genus gets its name from tussis, which means a cough.


Keith said...

Nice find! I've looked for that for years with no luck.

Justin said...

Eventhough it is an exotic species, I too am guilty of enjoying Tussilago farfara.

I believe my favorite thing about it is the name. It is just fun to say "Tussilago farfara". Try saying it to yourself like you are a wizard summoning a spell. I promise you it will be stuck in your head for days.

Scott said...

Sweet! Ben, you must have had a great trip, between the photos you've posted so far on this site and those on your other blog. You should post the Trillium luteum on this blog as well, by the way... that's a crazy cool plant.

By the way, isn't that a Thuidium in the background of the Tussilago photo? (That's right, I know the genus of ONE moss!)