Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lonicera canadensis, Canadian Fly Honeysuckle

At the dedication of Ambler Flatwoods Nature Preserve in 2006, I was invited to speak briefly about the plant study conducted there. In trying to illustrate that there was more to be found, I said, “The legendary Charles Deam found Lonicera canadensis (Canadian Fly Honeysuckle) only once, and it was very close to this site. That plant is still extant only a few miles from here in Michigan - just across the state line. I believe it will be found again in Indiana, and I’m quite sure it will be in this vicinity.”

Imagine my delight when Scott Namestnik found several colonies last year, only a mile east of Ambler Flatwoods , and about two miles north of the place where Deam found it in 1911. This little native shrub had not been seen in Indiana since 1923. This amazing discovery is one for the record books! Nice work, Scott!

Lonicera canadensis, Canadian Fly Honeysuckle.
Photographed in Michigan.


Scott said...

Hey Keith. Since your photos are from Michigan, I am assuming that the plants in LaPorte County still haven't flowered, and probably won't again this year?

Keith said...

It would be worth another look since the flowers can be hidden by the leaves. I was able to locate all three of your colonies, eventually.