Monday, April 27, 2009

Trailing Arbutus and other nice things

Last weekend I went hill climbing in search of Epigaea repens and found it upon the Earth lying down, just like the name says. The fragrance of its flowers is spicy and sweet, and rather attractive to little black bees! I was also fortunate to get acceptable pictures of Dicentra canadensis, Trillium recurvatum, and Coptis trifolia, among others. Life is good for a botanist in April!

Epigaea repens, Trailing Arbutus
Dicentra canadensis, Squirrel Corn

Trillium recurvatum, Red Trillium

Coptis trifolia, Goldthread

1 comment:

Jain said...

I especially love the Arbutus! I probably won't get out to see any this spring so thanks for my annual fix!