Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Plant Quiz #3 Winner is...

Justin Thomas (who else?)! Okay, this was probably an easy quiz, but I've been known to give quizzes that are "too difficult." Sorry it wouldn't let you enlarge the photo. I'm not sure what I did that made this happen... I thought I created this blog the same way that I had done some of my other posts, and you could enlarge photos on those.

I've attached the photo of the entire plant, with flowers. Chelone glabra (turtle head) is a plant of calcareous fens and marshes, but is also found in boggy woods. As the common name implies, the flower looks like a turtle's head. Leaves from this species were used to make a tea used for a variety of ailments, including worms, fevers, jaundice, and as a laxative.

To get Justin going, I'm going to point out that some authors (molecular botanists) now put this plant in the family Plantaginaceae. I'm sticking with Scrophulariaceae.


Justin said...

I actually spent a good hour trying to make it everything under the sun but Chelone, so it WAS pretty difficult. Thanks for the challenge.

Dana said...

I was bumfuzzled. Scott, has anyone ever told you your quizzes are too hard?? Just kidding, keep 'em coming! : )