Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Benton County Wind Farm

Have you driven through Benton County, Indiana lately? A wind farm of gargantuan proportions is taking shape. Historically, Benton County was almost completely tallgrass blacksoil prairie, with the exception of wooded groves along streams. All of it was converted to agriculture a long time ago. It's the one part of Indiana where you can see to the horizon in all directions. It seems good to produce electricity without the combustion of fossil fuels, but my guess is there are negatives associated with wind farms, as well. At least this one is taking out small pieces of cropland, and not high-quality natural areas.


Justin said...

Wow! I think I saw God in your sunset. Great shot! Interesting story.

Scott said...

Nice photo, Keith. The biggest negative to wind energy that I've heard is its negative affects on migratory birds and on bats. There is still conflicting evidence, however.

Brad said...

Justin, I don't see God. I see Sauron. Run!