Monday, July 21, 2008

Plant Quiz #2

If some one instantly gets this one, then I'm done. What more incentive do you need?


Keith said...

Baah! You caught me! On the last one, I had no idea but noticed that when I expanded the picture, your filename showed at the top of the screen. I was hoping to ID 2 or 3 very quickly (and nonchalantly) before confessing. No idea on this one, yet.

Justin said...

The suspicious part of me wondered if you may have some how seen the file name, but the naive side of me decided you were just that good. Just to be safe, however, I did a better job of covering my tracks on the second quiz. I should have named the file extension "no peeking".

Scott said...

At first, I thought it looked like an Ilex. Then I saw the venation on the younger leaves and am convinced it has to be a Rhamnus. I'm going with Rhamnus lanceolata, which I've never seen, but it seems to key there making some assumptions, and the description and online photos seem right.