Saturday, May 29, 2010

Land of Flowers 5

Asimina angustifolia
This pawpaw was growing in a very sandy soil in a sunny powerline corridor in Madison County. It was a frequent low-growing shrub. I imagine that the gopher tortoises like the fruit.

Campanula floridana
This flower was frequent in the under-grazed sections of the cattle pastures in Okeechobee County.

Kalmia hirsuta
Hairy Wicky was growing in a wetland right on the county line between Madison and Lafayette County.

Passiflora incarnata
This passionflower was growing in the same sandy, sunny powerline corridor as the pawpaw in Madison County.

Richardia grandiflora
This attractive weed was growing along the shoulder of a highway in Martin County.

Ruellia caroliniensis
This wild petunia was growing along the margins of wetlands in Levy County.

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