Saturday, May 22, 2010

Land of Flowers 3

I think I should make a disclaimer similarly to another writer, "All identifications guaranteed wrong, or your money back." Here is my best shot, using google and plants database. Feel more than free to add corrections. I have tons of flower pictures from Florida, but very little time at the end of the day to process them. Asclepias lanceolata
This milkweed was growing in a sunny, wetland setting in Citrus County, FL. It had opposite, linear leaves. And very striking flowers. My little Indiana-educated mind only knew of Butterfly Weed for Orange Asclepias.
Clematis baldwinii
These funny little flowers were growing in a dry, sandy soil in Levy County, FL. To be more accurate, the fruits were funny-looking, the flowers just looked like an upstanding clematis. It was cool to see a non-viny Clematis.
Cnidosculus urens
This is a very common, weedy flower throughout Florida. I never reached down to touch it, or I would have learned it's common name very easily. I always think Laportea or Urtica whenever someone says 'Stinging Nettle', but I can make room. I had better pictures of the Cnidosculus, but I liked the Gulf Frittilary underwings.
Erythrina herbacea
This Fabaceous flower is very striking and looks like it belongs in a tropical greenhouse. I hear that it gets tall, but everyone we have seen (and it doesn't seem rare at all) is under 4 feet.
Euphorbia heterophylla
We were walking down the side of a highway in Martin County, FL, when I looked down and saw this Poinsettia. It used to be called Poinsettia at one point. I know they have to live somewhere, but it is crazy to see a native Poinsettia growing wild. They seemed to either like disturbance, or just the conditions on the side of the highway.
Mimosa microphylla
From highway speed, these flowers looked like wrong clover. Closer and slower, they are remarkable flowers. They seem to prefer right-of-ways.
Sacoila lanceolata
I kind of liked having this in Spiranthes, not the least because I can remember Spiranthes, but I can see that it is a bit different than the others. We saw several of these in Okeechobee County, FL, all in cattle pastures that weren't too heavily grazed. It is very tall (maybe 18" or so) and showy, and can be spotted while driving.


Ted C. MacRae said...

Some awesome plants!

Anonymous said...


Just wondering if you knew somebody was using your photo for an eBay auction. Even worse, this guy (Yair Cohen) is selling plants for over five times higher ($38.99) than the original price ($7.50).