Thursday, July 2, 2009

GYBO Contributors Featured in Petal Pusher

Upon receiving Petal Pusher (the newsletter of the Missouri Native Plant Society) in the mail yesterday, I began reading the cover story about the Missouri Native Plant Society's April field trip to Holly Ridge Conservation Area. The story talks about many exciting Carex finds during the field trip, and highlights the discovery of Carex reznicekii by Get Your Botany On! contributor Alan Brant. Nice work, Alan!

At the same event, Get Your Botany On! contributor Justin Thomas found an orchid new to Missouri; in fact, he found a genus new to Missouri! How often does that happen?! While taking a few people to see a known population of Isotria verticillata on the site, Justin found and photographed a single plant of Listera australis, Southern Tway-blade Orchid. Justin's find set off a domino effect of a who's who of Missouri botany changing their plans the following day to see this interesting orchid. Congratulations on this incredible find, Justin! Watch for Justin's paper on this find in an upcoming edition of Missouriensis.

Listera australis, photograph by Justin Thomas

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