Saturday, July 18, 2009

Carex 3000

This interesting Carex was found at a gas station in Marshfield Missouri.

Here is a habitat photo:

I feel a string on one-liners is appropriate here. I'll start:

"Looks like I no longer need to go outside to botanize"


"Be sure to wash your hands after playing with Carex"


Tom said...

Lol. I've always wondered why a bathroom products company used the name "carex". I've seen soap containers with this name but never a carex 3000 towel dispenser. Could you send me your label for this specimen? This woul d certainly be a new carex for me and I wouldn't mind seeing it in the field even if I must travel to Missouri

Dana said...

Is that a Carex on the wall, or is this bathroom just happy to see me?

Scott said...

What are you doing with a camera in the bathroom, dude? That's disgusting.

Keith said...

Maybe I just like to complanate, but that’s indehiscent!