Sunday, October 26, 2008


Lycopodium obscurum (Ground Pine, Princess Pine)
Lycopodium complanatum v. flabelliforme (Trailing Ground Pine)

Lycopodium clavatum (Running Ground Pine)

Lycopodium tristachyum (Ground Cedar)

Lycopodium lucidulum (Shining Club Moss)

It was a spectacular day in Sebert Woods! Blustery winds brought down all manner of brightly colored leaves (as well as large limbs) and it was marvelously mosquito-free! I was reminded of Margeret Micklethwait’s line: “Sometimes a rough wind surges through the trees, making a sound like wild and stormy seas, and rushing waves…” Photos from the day include Lycopodium obscurum, L. complanatum flabelliforme, L. clavatum, L. tristachyum, and L. lucidulum. Some of these club mosses are now being called by outlandishly different names, and I’ll hop on that bandwagon eventually. In the meantime, if anyone is splitting the Lycopodium obscurum/dendroideum/hickeyi complex, please feel free to comment. What a pleasant autumn day!

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Scott said...

Nice photos, Keith! It's a shame that these ancient beauties are so easily overlooked by forest-goers.