Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Plant Quiz Results: Ambrosia bidentata

YES! It IS Ambrosia bidentata. Nice work, Scott.

This little fella is most commonly encountered along gravel roads in Missouri, but it also occurs on our glades as well as prairies in the SW part of the state. It is quite aromatic when crushed and always reminds me of summer nights, cruising gravel roads and drinking beer when I was in high school; a true Ozark right of passage.

Below is a photo of the blooming plant. Try not to sneeze.


Keith said...

Excellent story! Reminds me of Alan Jackson's "Chattahoochee." There's nothing like the smell of Ambrosia on muggy nights in August! Are the exaggerated lobes only present on the upper leaves?

Scott said...

Super easy? I don't think so.

Justin said...

It does get hotter than a "whochee-coochee"; whatever that is.

All the leaves have the two teeth. My photos don't show them well.