Monday, September 8, 2008

Liparis loeselii

While performing the last session of monitoring for this growing season at Cabin Creek Bog in Randolph County, Indiana, I found an orchid I had never seen and that had not been collected at the bog or even in Randolph County. They were growing under the shrubby cinquefoil, between the tussocks.

Currently blooming in the fen are Agalinus purpurea, Lobelia kalmii, Parnassia glauca, and Spiranthes cernua. The Gentianopsis procera is up, but not blooming yet. I like the fall fen flowers.


Scott said...

How much was there? Enough to collect, I guess. I see this occaisionally in fens in northern Indiana.

Brad said...

This sounds like a cool site, especially for east-central Indiana, where I did not realize any fens still occurred.

Scott said...

Last year, I visited a site in east-central Indiana, one county southwest of Ben's site, that was mostly farmed but that had prairie fen remnants in unfarmed areas and around the perimeter of the farm fields. Some of the more interesting plants I saw were Allium cernuum, Aster puniceus, Carex pellita, Carex stricta, Carex trichocarpa, Chelone glabra, Cirsium muticum, Dasiphora fruticosa, Dodecatheon meadia, Eupatoriadelphus maculatus, Filipendula rubra, Hierochloe odorata, Juncus brachycephalus, Lythrum alatum, Oxypolis rigidior, Prenanthes racemosa, Pycnanthemum virginianum, Rosa palustris, Ruellia strepens, Silphium terebinthinaceum, Solidago ohioensis, Solidago patula, Spiranthes ovalis, Thelypteris palustris, and Zizia aurea. I was surprised to find this community in east-central Indiana, but IDNR had been aware of it for years and wanted to see it restored.