Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tall Bellflower

Campanula americana is a common native that tolerates the deep shade of mesic woods but often shows up along trail edges, forested road edges, and near treefalls where a little sunlight gets in. Common in northern Indiana, it's my guess that it's common all over the state, with a possible exception of the prairie counties in the northwest corner. The flowers are attractive and unusual, and if it was a rare plant we'd go crazy over seeing it. At any rate, it's a native and we should enjoy it when we see it. Photographed in rich woods in rural LaPorte County, Indiana.

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Julie Craves said...

This is one of my favorite wildflowers. I've collected seed, and grow it among woodland sunflower (H. divaricatus) in a semi-shady spot, and also transplant first-year volunteers to a sunny strip along my sidewalk behind Amsonia and other natives. So long as they get enough water, they do well.