Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Holosteum umbellatum

I know this is an introduced agricultural weed, but it is fun to see and learn new plants, and to refresh and relearn the old plants. My brassicaceae and caryophyllaceae keys are getting some good wear right now.

Holosteum umbellatum - Jagged Chickweed
Growing in a sandy agricultural field, Vigo County, Indiana, with several other chickweeds (Stellaria and Cerastium).


Scott Namestnik said...

So which key did you use for this one... Brassicaceae or Caryophyllaceae?

This is one of my favorite ag weeds for some reason, and I always see it in disturbed sandy soils.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I live in Knox County. Lots of sand here too. Lots of chickweed too. UGH

Bryan said...

So after reading this post yesterday I went out and found this plant for the first time -- but I didn't recognize it until I worked through the entire Caryophyllaceae key!
My plants are dwarfs compared to yours (I live way down south), and the stems are very sticky-glandular to the touch, but still obviously the same species.