Saturday, February 16, 2013

Green in Winter: Floating Manna Grass

The spikelets on this grass had all disarticulated when I took the photo, but I believe it is Glyceria septentrionalis. This is a large native grass that sometimes can be found in pools of water in shady woods. Photographed at Potato Creek State Park on December 23, 2012. I took this photo in a very big hurry - ice water was pouring into my boots.


hanna said...

Hi Guys, I just want to ask several questions since you are the experts when it comes to plants and herbs. I been doing some research about saw palmetto and read there that saw palmetto can be used as a supplement or can even be used in herbal medication purposes? Is this really true or not?

Scott Namestnik said...

Hi Hanna. I can't speak to the effectiveness of saw palmetto extract, but it appears that it is widely sold for a variety of uses. Sorry I can't be of more help.

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