Monday, September 17, 2012

Soapwort Gentian

The rare and inspiring Gentiana saponaria is occasional in sand prairie remnants in northern Indiana. It is interesting and fun to watch a bumblebee pry the flower open, crawl inside, and disappear for a while.
I will never forget how my good friend Hontz loved gentians, and how we spent so many September and October days looking for them as we hiked along under flat-bottomed clouds in a brilliant blue sky.


A.L. Gibson said...

Great capture, Keith! I've spent the past few days photographing Gentiana alba, G. andrewsii, and G. villosa throughout Ohio. I've yet to make it up to the NW corner of the state in the Oak Openings to see G. saponaria. Also have high hopes of seeing G. puberulenta before the season is done.

Keith Board said...

Thanks A.L. Enjoy the magical hunt for gentians, and good luck in the oak openings!