Saturday, January 7, 2012

Green in Winter: Goldie's Fern

Yesterday I posted this as a plant quiz: "Photographed in a beech-maple forest in St. Joe County, Indiana on January 7, 2012. Can you identify it?"

Legendary photographer Pete Grube identified it correctly as Goldie's Fern, Dryopteris goldiana. This is a rare one of high quality forests and deep shade, and it is rather difficult to find in northern Indiana. It has a subtle zigzag to the rachis and the pinnules are of uneven lengths. In season, the blade is often held at such an angle to the Earth that it is almost horizontal. The two lowermost pinnae are usually directed back or downward at an angle, giving the blade a sagittate gestalt.

Good work Pete!!

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Pete said...

Looks like a Goldie's fern to me.