Friday, August 5, 2011

Thismia Hunt 2011 Is Just Around The Corner

Next Saturday (August 13, 2011) is Thismia Hunt 2011. I hope to see some of you there.

To learn about this tiny, mysterious plant, see my recent post at Through Handlens and Binoculars.


EMP said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you at the hunt. I admire your mad botany skills.
-Elizabeth Plonka

Scott Namestnik said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I'm glad to hear that someone who reads this blog will be there. It doesn't look like you are slated to be on the team that I am leading, so you'll have to introduce yourself if you see me.

Keith said...

Thismia americana lives, and I intend to find it!!!!

My To Do List for Saturday:
1. Find Thismia.
2. Photograph Thismia.
3. Photograph the habitat.
4. Record associates.
5. Record GPS coordinates.
6. Celebrate!
Oh, and fence in the site and charge people five bucks admission.

Scott Namestnik said...

Good luck, Keith. What site will you be surveying?

Keith said...

Hey thanks Scott. Good luck to you, too! I have no idea where I'll be spending the day - guess I'll find out when I get there, since I'm not a team leader.

Cdr said...

If anyone finds Thismia americana, there is a good chance it will be someone that contributes to or follows this blog. Think positive, think phenomenon, think Thismia americana. Good luck to everyone tomorrow, hope to see you there.

Keith said...

It occurs to me there is one thing that would be even cooler than finding Thismia americana. That would be finding a species of Thismia new to science! Hey, it could happen!