Sunday, July 3, 2011

Great Basin Plants part 3

As we moved across the playa wetlands where the Parish Phacelia was growing, we came to an emergent wetland community. Aquilegia formosa was blooming beside some open water. Two photos of the same flower from different angles.

I believe this shooting star is Dodecatheon pulchellum. There were so many of them that they turned the marsh purple/pink.

I believe this heliotrope is Heliotropium curassavicum. Gorgeous little flowers.

We were excited to find this member of the Hydrophyllacea. I believe this is Hesperochiron pumilus. It was growing in the open part of the wetland.

This Monkeyflower was blooming beside the Columbine in the wetland. I believe this is Mimulus guttatus. As with all of these flowers, feel free to comment with ID corrections.


Rufino Osorio said...

I am enjoying your Great Basin comments very much...I hope there are many more parts to come! I'm not sure what it is but the plant tentatively identified as Heliotropium curassavicum is something else. I am familiar with Heliotropium curassavicum both in south Florida and in Puerto Rico and it has alternate leaves (your plant has opposite leaves); the leaves are usually an intense blue-green color (they are green in your plant); its flowers are white (your plant has lavender-tinted flowers); and the flowers are in coiled (scorpioid) cymes at the ends of the stems (terminal) (your plant has flowers in the axils).

Scott Namestnik said...

I love the second Aquilegia photo. Nice shot, Ben!

Unknown said...

FYI, your heliotropium is Glaux maritima. Nice pics!