Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Plant-Bug Quiz.... Solved!

I recently posted this question:

Can you name the plant, and the bug that makes these markings? Should be easy!

Prem and Scott both suggested, correctly, that the bug that does this is a leaf miner. I apologize that I can't call out the exact type. Scott suggested that the plant is Aster cordifolius, (Heart-Leaved Aster), and that is correct. Good work Prem and Scott!


Prem Subrahmanyam said...

The bug is a leaf miner. I can't id the plant off-hand.

Anonymous said...

Solidago flexicaulis

Scott Namestnik said...

I agree with Prem that the insect causing damage to the leaf is a leaf miner. The plant looks like Aster cordifolius; the leaves don't seem broad enough for Solidago flexicaulis.

Anonymous said...

I literally just today read the section in Charley Eiseman's Tracks and Signs of Insects on leaf mines and thought of this post. He has a picture on p. 337 that looks just like yours on heart-leaved aster made by an agromyzid fly, Ophiomyia quinta.