Monday, March 22, 2010

The land of flowers 2

I am working at getting a handle on the plants I am seeing at work. Sometimes, the desire, effort, or time is lacking while I am working, but putting the photos online helps me get better at paying attention.
Hypoxis juncea - Yellow stargrass
In the dry prairie at Myakka River State Park.

Lyonia lucida
In the dry prairie with blueberries at Myakka River State Park.

Nuttallanthus (formerly Linaria)- probably floridanus or canadensis.
This flower was growing profusely throughout cattle pastures and along roadsides.

Sisyrinchium - Blue-eyed Grass from Sarasota County, FL. Feel free to ID, I'll try to key later. I tried for several days to get the camera focus on these guys.

Salvia lyrata - Lyreleaf Sage
I did not see many individuals of this flower blooming yet.

Hypericum from Manatee County, FL. Feel free to take a shot at ID. Sorry for the incomplete ID.

Emilia fosbergii - Florida Tasselflower
This 'weed' was growing very commonly in sandy margins of ag fields in Manatee County.

Fumaria officinalis - drug fumitory
Growing very weedy in a disturbed site in Hillsborough County. I thought it was a Corydalis at first.

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Scott Namestnik said...

Based on what I saw when I was there, the Sisyrinchium may be either S. atlanticum or S. angustifolium, and the Hypericum may be H. tetrapetalum.