Thursday, February 25, 2010

My First Flower of 2010

After over a month of freezing temperatures, snow, ice and drab depressing skiery, a glimmer of spring has graced the stage of the new year. Don't get too excited, it's only Veronica polita.

With frostbitten leaves, the tiny blue blooms of this spring harbinger made quick work of a sunny day last weekend in Springfield, Missouri.

I'm sure others have seen it already this year, but it is easily overloooked so I decided to post it. In other news, I heard a solitary Spring Peeper yesterday and Timberdoodles have been working my field for over a week. Man are my feet getting itchy.

As some of us know, the "Get Your Botany On" blog was born from an annual competition centered around the discovery of the first flowering species from each family. The fire of that game has since fizzled but the spirit of that game should live on. I propose that we post updates of what is flowering in our respective areas this spring. No photos necessary, just quick informal notes for those interested in the floral progression across the geographical range of our contributors.


Scott Namestnik said...

NOTHING flowering here yet. Still snow on the ground, but there are finally patches without snow. I'll be sure to post when something finally flowers.

Cdr said...

And Timberdoodles is, a chicken or a rooster? Threw me for a loop at first..too bad we aren't playing the plant flowering game because you would be in first place! Veronica always me think of the Elvis Costello song 'Veronica' which I interpret to be about an old woman losing her memory. the relevance, you ask? Absolutely none, except the name.....