Sunday, January 17, 2010

Plant Quiz... Solved: Tilia americana, American Basswood

This is a tree seedling. The mature leaves look nothing like this. It puzzled me for years, and while I believe I know what it is, I'm still not sure. The expertise on this blog should provide a solid answer!


Cdr said...

Hi Keith,

I believe that is a basswood (Tilia americana) seedling. I was seeing that last spring while doing Plants of Concern monitoring in an oak-sugar maple woodland. The woman I was with later asked one of her co-workers what it was and they said it was basswood. I suppose they could be wrong but it made sense based on the habitat and the number of large basswoods in the area.


Scott said...

I agree with the Commander.

Keith said...

Thanks guys. That's what I thought it was (no kidding).

Good call Commander, and nice picture -I can almost hear Loons in the background.

Brad said...

Keith, can you hear my gunshots peppering the night's game?

Cdr said...


Thanks for the compliment on my photo although I can only hope that someday I take as good as photos as you do. My photo is from (you guessed it) God's country (aka Starke County, IN).