Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gentian Feevah!

With the sudden interest in gentians (what timing!); here is Gentiana linearis photographed in southern Vermont (8/18/09), where it is considered rare. First time seeing it: it is found only in the U.P. in Michigan (4 counties as of this summer thanks to the illustrious Bradford Slaughter). Looks a heck of a lot like G. andrewsii (incidentally also rare in VT) to me, the main difference in G&C's key being the leaves and are not "scabrous-ciliolate" (at least not at 16X).


Justin Thomas said...

Nice post, Jimmy! Counting Scott's G. rubricaulis, thats two new Gentians for me.

Scott said...

Yeah, good stuff, Tyler. Great timing, as G. linearis is supposedly easy to confuse with G. rubricaulis. In fact, G. rubricaulis has been treated as a variety, subspecies, and form of G. linearis in the past.

Hope to see more posts from you.