Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snowy Update

Well, it's winter here in northern Indiana. We were handed between 8 inches and a foot of snow on Thursday and Friday. It's beautiful, but not too good for botanizing.

Today, I went to the Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society annual conference in Indianapolis. Among the speakers were Mike Homoya, Doug Tallamy, Steve Yaninek, and Jim McCormac. All were excellent and very inspiring (have you ever heard anyone compare a Cooper's Hawk to a combination of Wayne Gretzky, Mike Tyson, and Genghis Kahn???), leading to a better conference than I expected. This was the second time I'd seen Dr. Tallamy speak, and the first time I'd seen the others. If you ever have the chance to hear any of them, I hope you don't miss out. In addition to these folks, it was nice to rub shoulders with the likes of Kay Yatskievych, Paul Rothrock, Lee Casebere, Kevin Tungesvick, Steve Dunbar, Cathey Meyer, and others.

Here are a couple of interesting websites that I obtained at the conference...

After you look at this second webpage, let me know when you're ready to schedule a January trip to central Mexico with Lindsay and me to see the wintering Monarchs.


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