Friday, August 15, 2008

Heteranthera dubia

Yesterday in Elkhart County, Indiana, I saw something that I think I've only seen once before, on a river in southern Missouri.... Heteranthera dubia in flower! This species was fairly abundant on a mudflat in a mitigation wetland, growing with Ranunculus longirostris. It is common to find water star grass, as it is known, vegetatively in northern Indiana lakes, often growing with the similar-looking (at least vegetatively) Potamogeton zosteriformis. The leaves of the latter have a distinct midrib, while those of H. dubia do not. It is interesting to note that this plant is in the same family as Pontederia cordata.

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Keith said...

Heteranthera dubia used to be frequent on mudflats (at times of low water) on the west shore of Clear Lake in LaPorte, where it often flowered. This was before the recent restoration project, but it's probably still there.
Nice find!